Feeling really sick today Lay in bed all day and have a Harry Potter marathon? I think so
aivym: Demfeels
I'm not sure how I am going to get out of this one.
Gone from a high end luxurious spender to going in debt. What did I do in order to deserve all that taken from me?
Alejandro Rodriguez: oshit
Ryan: Damn...
Eddie: l0l sucks 2 suck
Well if I'm not worth talking to then there is no point in us being friends is there. :/
Ryan: ^
Jordan: Lmao
Blake Evans: Them feels.
A few posts ago I had told you the Logo Contest was in voting. Sadly, that voting has come to an end so soon.
A user who claimed that someone was asking every to vote for her had got some posts deleted and even votes deleted.

Despite me giving screen shots of everyone who had voted for her being from a chat I go to, they where asked there's 5 logos which one do you like best. I screen shot their answers and provided them as votes. This user who claimed she was cheating in the since she was actually asking them to vote for her got these votes deleted from a moderator.

Not only did we lose posts from the voting and contest thread, we lost the post I was going to use to keep track of all the votes. Shame on the moderator who actually deleted these, and shame on the user who felt because she had got so many votes that she had to have been cheating.

I am in the works in trying to get this resolved.
Alejandro Rodriguez: childish move and unprofessional moderator work.
Troy Silva: 'know idea'.. no idea?
Danneh: I would much rather just have a poll on the forum, clean and simple. Or even better, a staff decision.
So, I just want to answer a couple questions I have been getting a lot:
Q) Can we or you get in trouble for this site? (Ex. Can Facebook sue?)
A) No. The site might be similar in a way, but everything from the core script to the style, to colour codes is completely different. Coded from the ground up and no code taken from Facebook or any other social network.

Q) Whats with the friends system? How come people can add me with out me having to accept?
A) Like I said, this is not Facebook :P The friend system on this social network is more like the system on Google Plus. It can be tricky to get use to :P

Q) How come you can't like comments or have a chat system similar to Faceook?
A) Actually we can. These features have not been implemented yet and are in the works! Along with a lot of other cool features! You are just going to have to wait and be patient. We are doing things one step at a time Think of this experience more like a "Beta Stage".

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I will try to answer as many as I can
mafia: Hey (;
Jordan: Hello
Xat Logo Contest is now over and we are looking for people to vote for your favourite logo. The top 5 are here:

#vote it up!
I have now added the option to link to your Xat profile!
Click: http://xat.so/settings then scroll down to the xat field and enter your xat username.

This will then link to your xat.me page on your profile
aivym: Nice.
Troy Silva: *I added a simple feature that took like 5 seconds and I want people too think I'm cool*
Jordan: Pretty much
Don't get confused between my personality and my attitude.
My personality is who I am, My attitude depends on who You are.
We have now added some cool new features!
- Added Likes Activity page for each user where all the likes activity of an user can be seen
- Added Speech Recognition for the Search Input (the voice search is only supported By Chrome)
- Fixed an issue on the Search Tags page where in some cases the likes avatars wouldn't appear
- Fixed various other bugs within the site.
- Remember Me option is now available on login
So much to do with only so little time
Troy Silva: #reported no but really suck a dick..
nate: Feel**
Matthew: What's up.